Hare and gone

I’ve wondered about this story for years, having regularly visited this part of the Chase. It just goes to show, there’s inspiration all around us.

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Untitled 8 Dick Slee’s Cave is marked on Ordnance Survey maps of Cannock Chase, like this 1:25,000 current Pathfinder coverage. But who was Dick, and what’s going on? Click for a larger version.

One of the more popular pieces of historical curiosity published here of late was the 1925 article about Cannock Chase – ‘This wild land of heather and gorse‘, which local history dynamo Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler found in the newspaper archives and transcribed for readers.

You all know that I adore Cannock Chase, and the story of this wild place captivates me. There is so much history up there – from the pagan Castle Ring to the military camps it held.

Susan Marie Ward of Staffordshirebred understands exactly how I feel about my beloved wild place, and has today shared with me something remarkable – it’s a book of essays about Cannock Chase, first published as articles…

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