Temporary Prolifery

Maybe it’s the commuting, and thus having large amounts of time with am empty head, but I’ve been relatively prolific over the last month. I’ve been planning and false-starting a story for two years now and never got past the first chapter. These last weeks though, I’ve been rushing over to Caffè Nero at lunch with my laptop and banging out 2-3,000 words in an hour.
My good friend and actual real-life published author Jay Stringer once told me, writing is 90% staring at a blank page. Or something along those lines. He’s right. With all this free thinking time, because there’s nothing else one can do while driving, I’ve actually managed to weave a rudimentary plot. I’ve got to know my characters and I’ve developed their back story. I mentioned my private wiki, well that has been an unbelievable boon. I’ve built a considerable amount of world there to draw upon.
My other half had a read through of the first five chapters last night. She’s a long serving veteran of the fantasy genre in which my book lies, and she likes it. That is high praise because between you and me, she can be quite specific about her fantasy 😉
So, cheers to commuting!

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